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La Chapelle farm - Lancy (CH)

Sylvie Lambert

Sylvie Lambert describes in her paintings our way of life through an offbeat and critical look, through strong images, close to metaphor, where the borders between decor, reality, dreamlike and fiction intermingle.

Fueled by her own experience, first in Canada where she grew up, then in Switzerland, the subjects she tackles touch on habitat, food, artificial and disfigured nature, themes painted with a flamboyant chromatic range. which reinforces the ambiguity between true and false.

Like puns, his compositions combine improbable elements to create surreal narratives with a message rooted in reality.

La Ferme de la Chapelle 39 route de la Chapelle

1212 Grand-Lancy/Geneva


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Such. : +41223429438

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* Free, without registration

Open from January 14 to March 5, 2023

Opening hours: Wed ↦ Sun 2 p.m. ↦ 6 p.m.


Opening: Sat, January 14, 4 p.m. ↦ 7 p.m.

Visit for teachers *:  Mon January 16 5 p.m. ↦ 6 p.m.

Family visit from 4 years old *: Wed February 15 3 p.m. ↦ 4 p.m.


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