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Personal exhibitions

2023Farm of the chapel, Synthesis of a nature, Grand-Lancy


2007Suddenly..., Annecy Castle Museum, Annecy (FR)

Collective Exhibitions

2022- The wall of Thonon, installation in public space on the cultural place of a reproduction of a work in 5m x 3m (for 2 months from November 30)


2022 - Claire-Voie, Espace Ruine, Visarte exhibition, Geneva (CH)


2021-6th Biennial of Kugler Artists, Foundry (CH)

2021- Open doors of the artists of Geneva, Act-Art (CH)


2019-Tauwetter, Garage 19 Kugler space,

Geneva (CH)


2011-Kugler Remix, Kugler Factory, Geneva (CH)


2010-Open Week, Halle Nord, Geneva (CH)


2010 -Extravaganza, Cheminée Nord, Geneva (CH)

2009-MAC 09, Espace 27, Geneva (CH)


2009-Floating Details, Pinacothek, Geneva (CH)


2006-Artists' books and multiples, Foex Gallery, Geneva (CH)


2005-Hindsight, Bumper Gallery, Montreal (CA)

2005-Off Color, Space Gallery, Montreal (CA)


2005-PDA exhibition, Gallery 306, Montreal (CA)


2004-RBOR, 1221 Crescent, Montreal (CA)

-The Scrumptions, VAV Gallery, Montreal (CA)


2003-Folle hatching!, Galerie Onze, Montreal (CA)


2022Permaculture Design Course, Alveoli University


2017Foam puppet construction course, Atelier Âme Imaginaire, Paris


2008Diploma Haute Ecole d'Art et Design de Genève in painting and drawing department with TRANS certificate for teaching

(equivalent BAC +5, master)


2006BFA with distinction, Concordia University,

Montreal (Canada)

Sylvie Lambert

Born in Montreal in 1984

Lives in France, Works in Switzerland

Member of Visarte

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